The traditional dress of Bhutan is one of the most distinctive and visible aspects of Bhutan. It is compulsory for all Bhutanese to wear national dress in schools, government offices and formal occasions. Every inhabitant of the country wears the distinctive national dress that is finely hand-woven from multicolored, vibrant hued wool, cotton or silk. Men's attire is called "gho", which is knee length traditional hand-woven robe. Women wear a longer; ankle length robe called "kira" and this is also made from fine, hand woven fabric, with the pattern usually being distinctive to a particular valley of area. The form of dress is common to all strata of society. For formal occasions, including a visit to the Dzong requires a scarf called "Kabney" that identifies a person's rank. In dzongs and on formal occasions, a Dasho or someone in authority carries a long sword called a Patang.

When visiting dzongs, women wear a cloth sash called a "Rachu" over their left shoulder in the same manner as men wear a kabney.

White silk scarves are exchanged as customary greetings among ranking officials and are offered to high lamas as a sign of respect.