Cultural Tours provide a wonderful opportunity for those interested in the true culture and lifestyle of the Bhutanese people. The distinct architecture, the intricate paintings, unusual handicrafts are very impressive and inspiring.

Dzongs (fortresses) and Gompas (monasteries) have an annual festival, the largest of which is Tshechu. One can also partake in the renowned Bhutanese festivals where various events and dances take place. Tsechus take place all over the country at different times of the year so one can coincide their visit to Bhutan accordingly.

Our cultural tours are programmed to give you a perfect holiday while gaining insights into this hidden kingdom of Bhutan. Families, friend, honeymooners or even students can gracefully join our tours. There won't be any dull moment when you are with our friendly staff, the best accommodation and transport to take you on these tours.

We also arrange various activities such as bird watching, river and lake fishing, rafting and kayaking, mountain biking, botanical tours. Please check these sections also and let us know what what you think about our programs.