Bhutanese Calender

The Bhutanese calendar was adapted from Tibetan Astronomical traditions, which in turn were influenced by the Chinese and Indian calendars. The calendar is based on the lunar system. A year has 360 days, with some days omitted to make it correspond with the waxing and waning of the moon. An extra short month is added to the 12 months every third year to adjust it to the solar calendar.
The year begins with losar, which normally falls in the Gregorian calendar months of February with the rise of the new moon. The months (Dawa) do not have names, an are simply called first, second, third and so on. A week is divided into seven days (Za). Years are named by combining the 12 animals of the zodiac with the five elements of fire, earth, iron, water and wood to produce a 60-year cycle.

The complete list of 60 years is as follows:

Years in Bhutanese Sexagenary cycle

1952 Water Dragon 1972 Water Mouse 1992 Water Monkey
1953 Water Serpent 1973 Water Ox 1993 Water Hen
1954 Wood Horse 1974 Wood Tiger 1994 Wood Dog
1955 Wood Sheep 1975 Wood Hare 1995 Wood Pig
1956 Fire Monkey 1976 Fire Dragon 1996 Fire Mouse
1957 Fire Hen 1977 Fire Serpent 1997 Fire Ox
1958 Earth Dog 1978 Earth Horse 1998 Earth Tiger
1959 Earth Pig 1979 Earth Sheep 1999 Earth Hare
1960 Iron Mouse 1980 Iron Monkey 2000 Iron Dragon
1961 Iron Ox 1981 Iron Hen 2001 Iron Serpent
1962 Water Tiger 1982 Water Dog 2002 Water Horse
1963 Water Hare 1983 Water Pig 2003 Water Sheep
1964 Wood Dragon 1984 Wood Mouse 2004 Wood Monkey
1965 Wood Serpent 1985 Wood Ox 2005 Wood Hen
1966 Fire Horse 1986 Fire Tiger 2006 Fire Dog
1967 Fire Sheep 1987 Fire Hare 2007 Fire Pig
1968 Earth Monkey 1988 Earth Dragon 2008 Earth Mouse
1969 Earth Hen 1989 Earth Serpent 2009 Earth Ox
1970 Iron Dog 1990 Iron Horse 2010 Iron Tiger
1971 Iron Pig 1991 Iron Sheep 2011 Iron Hare