Laya Trek

This trek is an extension of Jhomolhari trek and offers diverse flora and fauna, including a good opportunity to spot blue sheep. The trek starts from Drugyel Dzong to the isolated valleys of Lingzhi, up to the Laya region at 4,000m (over 13,000 feet), where yak-herders live at the foot of Mt. Masagang, at 7,200m (23,620 feet) and the sub-tropical Punakha valley at 1,300m (4,265 feet). Lingzhi played an important role in controlling travel over Lingzhi la between Bhutan and Tibet.

Goyak is another pleasant settlement; a compact village of stone houses clustered together which is very unusual in Bhutan. Also, watch for bearded vultures and Himalayan Griffons flying overhead. There are several large herds of blue sheep livind in the rocks and you are sure to spot one on this trail. Tsheri Jathang, a Takin Sanctuary where herds of Takin [Bhutan's National animal] migrate during summer and remain for about 4 months. You can see classic examples of lateral moraines where the glacier has pushed rocks up on both sides. Views of different peaks and mountains are just fabulous and probably the best that you can see from any other part of the country. It also introduces you to the unusual culture of Layap people and offers a stop at a natural hot spring in Gasa. The Laya women wear black yak-hair costumes and conical bamboo hats, a very distinct traditional costume worn nowhere else except Laya. Laya route passes by hot springs and Gasa Dzong, and through different levels of vegetation. This trek combines a variety of landscapes, villages, and majestic views of peaks.


Itinerary (14 Days)

Day 01: Drugyel Dzong to Sharna Zampa 2,870m
Day 02: Sharna Zampa to Thangthankga 3,630m
Day 03: Thangthangka to Jangothang 3,630m
Day 04: Rest and Acclimatize at Jangothang
Day 05: Jangothang to Lingzhi 4,010m
Day 06: Lingzhi to Chebisa 3,880m
Day 07: Chebisa to Shomuthang 4,220m
Day 08: Shomuthang to Robluthang 4,160m
Day 09: Robluthang to Limithang 4,040m
Day 10: Limithang to Laya 3,840m
Day 11: Laya to Koina 3,050m
Day 12: Koina to Gasa 2,810m
Day 13: Gasa to Damji 2,430m
Day 14: Damjo to Tashithang and to Thimphu

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