Lunana Snowman Trek

This is the longest and the most difficult trek and requires not only excellent health but also a high spirit of adventure. The combination of distance, altitude, weather and remoteness makes this a tough journey. It starts of taking the same route as Laya trek. After reaching laya, it turns eastward and crosses the Ganglakarchung pass, at 5,100m (16,700 feet), into the Lunana region where habitation is concentrated in the villages of Thega and Chezo.

It is the most difficult region of Bhutan to reach, lying at 4,000m (13,000 feet) at the foot of the peaks that soar up to 7,000m (23,000 feet). The inhabitants are farmers, herders who are famous for their difficult character. The trek heads south, and after crossing the Rinchenzoe pass, at 5,220m (17,125 feet), it hits the tarmac road at Nikkarchu Bridge.

The Lunana trek is considered one of the most difficult in the world. It covers a distance of 356 kms (221 miles), crosses eight passes, three of which are well over 5,000m (16,400 feet), and stays at an average altitude of 4,000m (over 13,000 feet).

Itinerary (23 Days)

Day 01: Drugyel Dzong to Sarna Zampa 2,870m
Day 02: Sharna Zampa to Thangthangka 3,630m
Day 03: Thangthangka to Jangothang 4,090m
Day 04: Rest day and acclimatize at Jangothang
Day 05: Jangothang to Lingzi 4,010m
Day 06: Lingzi to Chebisa 3,880m
Day 07: Chebisa to Shomuthang 4,220m
Day 08: Shomuthang to Robluthang 4,160m
Day 09: Robluthang to Limithang 4,140m
Day 10: Limithang to Laya 3,840m
Day 11: Rest day at Laya
Day 12: Laya to Rodophu 4,160m
Day 13: Rodophu to Narethang 2,430m
Day 14: Narethang to Tarina 4,020m
Day 15: Tarina to Woche 3,940m
Day 16: Woche to Ledhi 3,700m
Day 17: Lhedi to Thanza 4,090m
Day 18: Thanja to Tshochena 4,900m
Day 19: Tshochena to Jichu Dramo 4,880m
Day 20: Jichu Dromo to Chukarpo 4,950m
Day 21: Chukarpo to Thampecho 4,230m
Day 22: Thampecho to Maurothang 4,000m
Day 23: Maurothang to Sephu 2,500m

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