Photography and Filming

The photography opportunities on a trip are immense. Photography is permitted nearly everywhere in Bhutan and the local population has no aversion to being photographed. If you wish to record the local population, their houses, shops etc, always ask by gestures if it is okay to do so. Photography inside the Dzongs and Monasteries are not permitted. Please follow your guide's instruction carefully while visiting Dzongs, monasteries and religious institution.

Of late, the Royal Government encourages the filming groups. Any commercial Filming must pay a royalty to obtain the permit from the Royal Government of Bhutan. We will assist you to get the permit.

Filming royalty: All proposals for filming are subjected to payment of a royalty at the following rates.

Duration of the final Edited version Amount in (US dollars)

S.No. Duration Royalty
1 First 30 minutes or part thereof 10,000.00
2 Next 30 minutes or part thereof 6,000.00
3 Every additional 30 minutes or part thereof 3,000.00