Punakha and Samtengang

This is a low altitute trek north of Punakha. The trek is with the gradual climb through a forest of chi pine, oak and rhododendron and gives trekkers an opportunity to visit the village of Sha. Since it is a low elevation trek, this trek is possible throughout the winter.






Itinerary (4 Days)

Day 01: Punakha to Limgmukha - 12 kms, 4 hrs, 880m ascent
Day 02: Limgmukha to Chungsakha - 14 kms, 5 hrs, 430m decent
Day 03: Chungsakha to Samtengang - 13 kms, 5 hrs, 650m ascent
Day 04: Samtengang to Chuzomsa - 15 kms, 5-6 hrs, 730m decent

Trek Cost

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