Rodhungla Trek

The trek across the top of eastern Bhutan is tough and involves a tremendously long, steep descent. Though it was an important trader route before the national highway was built, few people travel this way. The trek crosses the road near Lhuntse, which breaks up the continuity of the experience, but offers a chance to visit the remote Dzong.

Part of the route between Phopkey and Pemi is along a vertical face and the trail is on wooden galaries that are fastened to the side of the cliff. There are a few small meadows as the trail winds its way down on a complex route through a region where sightings of ghosts and yetis have been reported. This was the former trade route between eastern and western Bhutan.


Itinerary (10 Days)

Day 01: Toktu Zampa to Ngang Lhakhang 2,800m
Day 02: Ngang Lhakhang to Tahung 2,790m
Day 03: Tahung to Phokpey 3,680m
Day 04: Phokpey to Pemi 3,000m
Day 05: Pemi to Khaine Lhakhang 2,010m
Day 06: Khaine Lhakhang to Tangmachu 1,760m
Day 07: Tangmachu to Menji 1,830m
Day 08: Menji to Pemi 2,450m
Day 09: Pemi to Taupang 2,450m
Day 10: Taupang to Trashi Yangtse

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